Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Thank You

I like to use this blog typically to discuss what’s happening at AFP, trends in the profession and events around the world that affect our ability to inspire donors and raise funds.

But this blog will be a little different. It will be about one thing and one thing only: thanking you.

Thank you for upholding the highest ethical standards in your work.
Every time you promote and abide by the Code of Ethics, you’re encouraging others to use it as well. You act as a role model for your peers, particularly the next generation of fundraisers. We’ll never know how many controversies have been avoided simply by referring your board, your colleagues and others to the Code when there were questions.

Thank you for continuing your education and aspiring to be a better fundraiser.
There are still some who think that being a fundraiser requires little more than a phone or a website, but this is a profession. It requires constant learning, constant evolution. Your investment in continuing education demonstrates the professionalism that is needed to be a fundraiser, and makes your organization and its fundraising that much more effective.

Thank you for supporting the fundraising profession through donations to the AFP Foundations for Philanthropy.  The Foundations are our partners in cultivating relationships and partnerships with fundraisers and organizations around the world. Your gifts enhance the impact of AFP in countless areas, including research, inclusion and diversity, ethics and chapter programming.

Thank you for inspiring so many people to give and engage in our communities. New studies show that although giving is increasing, the number of donors is slowly decreasing. Your work in bringing people together—encouraging a diverse people from all walks of life and society to commit to a culture of philanthropy—is incredibly important not just for your mission, but also for philanthropy and all of society.

Thank you for being a part of AFP and the fundraising community.
We are stronger as a community, united and working together to advance our profession. And no matter where you meet an AFP member—in Los Angeles or Toronto, Mexico City or Hong Kong—you’ll have instant commonalities and can share and learn from each other’s stories and lessons. Your membership—and your input and perspective—keeps AFP and the profession strong and vibrant. It is a thread that weaves us together for the common good.

On behalf of the boards and staff of AFP, thank you. It is our great honor and privilege to serve all of you. We hope you have a very joyous and happy holiday season and look forward to working with you in 2017.