Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Public Policy in New York

Posted by Andrew Watt, FInstF

I had the opportunity to be in New York and talk to our chapter there recently. It’s a great city and one of the epicenters of the nonprofit community in the U.S., and the New York Chapter has long been one of the leaders in our association. In fact, the New York Chapter is the first one that was ever chartered by AFP.

One of the chapter members wrote an article about my presentation (thank you, Norma), and it’s worth highlighting because public policy issues such as the charitable deduction continue to remain paramount now. With sequestration (automatic budget cuts) approaching in March, the deduction is still on the table, and the Ways and Means Committee is set to have a hearing on the deduction very soon, at which I’ll be appearing and testifying.

But as I’ve said before, we have to think beyond just the deduction. This debate about public policy is our opportunity to bring all of us who care about society, care about the communities we live in, to one table. That’s representation from philanthropy, business, non-profits and government – all of us committed to one aim – making our world a better environment with equal opportunities for all.

Let’s not make this about a single issue. Let’s explore how we can support non-profit activity with new and sustainable revenue streams as well as tried and tested ones. Let’s explore how we can draw on the skills and experience of the many facets of our society for the benefit of all.

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